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Hello, I am pleased to meet you. I wish that you, the parents who devote themselves to the education of their most precious children in the world, will always have a healthy and happy family. We welcome you!
Our school is dedicated to ensuring that all students receive quality education in the best environment with enthusiastic teachers. While building knowledge in fun and interesting ways, we help students grow into mature individuals and have a close relationship with everyone at Ian School. We will teach our students how to have healthy self-esteem, mutual respect and consideration for others, and try our best to help them grow into people who will make the world a better place.

Hello, thank you for visiting Children’s Musical Company. We started our drama education 15 years ago with the following questions.
“Can children understand the musical and perform?”
“Can children sing songs to fit the work and characters?”
“How can children understand and express a character?”
“Can children create choreography by working with friends?”

The amazing results that young actors have shown as they complete their performances each year have turned these questions into a challenge with infinite possibilities.At first, we did education and rehearsals, saying, “Let’s make a great performance.” However, it didn’t take long for them to realize that the process of creating a musical in a classroom or a practice room was more important and that they were growing up. We will try to make sure that the average child is in the process of development, with the result of “making a beautiful stage and performance.”
Children’s Musical Company
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